Andromeda 8

Execution Year: 2019 •  Style: Modern •  Area: 62 sq.m •  Client: Private •  Photography: Andrey Katansky •  Location: Andromeda | Arteks | Sofia, Bulgaria


Small & playful atelier

Modern products, technologies and lots of imagination.

Design is a visual art, but also a craft. Its creation and consumption are processes that require material, technological and logic in order to be realized.
The mission of Interior design is to solve problems, but for this purpose it needs high quality, modern products, technologies and lots of imagination.
Juicy combinations of fabrics, oak floor and cladding give warmth to entire space. In the kitchen cladding passed on walls towards living area and changed not only their look but it’s properties. From natural wood defining working zone in kitchen to acoustic wall behind the TV, assure that sound will spread uniformly in space giving satisfying result from multimedia experience.


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