Largo di Serdica | Garden

Phase: Completed •  Year: 2018 •  Style: Contemporary •  Area: 430 sq.m •  Client:  Largo di Serdica Bar&Dinner •  Location: Sofia, Bulgaria •  Photography: Plamen Andreev / Andrei Katansky


Urban Forest

personification of the modern city of Sofia

We have been invited by Outline Architects to contribute with our principles of authenticity, consideration and design knowledge to this brief of open space square-garden in front of Central Department Store, popular in Bulgaria with the abbreviation TZUM, located in the heart of the capital, next to the Council of Ministers, the Presidency, and close to the National Assembly. Built at the beginning of one of the oldest boulevards of Sofia - "Knyaz Alexander Dondukov" Blvd., today TZUM is a personification of the modern city of Sofia Designed by the architect Kosta Nikolov in 1956, the building is part of the monumental architectural center of Sofia, the so-called Largo. There is plenty of restrictions regarding this place either from Municipality, Ministry of Culture and our willing to respect history, heritage and environment. One of fundamental requirement forbids constructions like pergolas or temporary constructions, close winter gardens or anything that needs drilling and interference with existing elements. Using simple, yet organized pattern to arrange big corten flower pods, some with integrated function like bars and sitting places fill with a lot of greenery and trees.


Concept Project & Drawings

Volen Valentinov