What is all About?

“We build spaces that feel honest, we create spatial expressions of a client’s creative profile, whether that’s a chef, hotelier or architect. Most importantly, everything we create revolves around the human factor. We’re always thinking about the impact space and function has on people.”


Great architecture is made from elements that tell a story about time and place.

Our holistic approach to materials respects the achievements of the past while advancing future possibilities. We aim to create products with artistic significance, that allow architects and interior designers to forge meaningful new relationships between people and the spaces they occupy.


We are driven by authenticity, consideration and enthusiasm.

The studio’s approach is to create a unique identity for each project and this authenticity resonates not only in the design solution but in the selection of a natural palette of materials and the sharing of knowledge with craftsmen and companies.


Advanced materials designed to deliver beautiful results. Outstanding performance. Excellent detail?

We’re really interested in materials – stone, wood, leather.
We call these materials eternal. We love things that age well. It’s part of our responsibility that a project lives on in a beautiful manner long after we’ve left.


Our work rests within the residential, retail and
commercial sectors.

Work both locally and abroad and each design draws on their expertise in integrating interiors, products, objects and management. VOOOD understands the profound relationship that all of these disciplines have on creating cohesive, honest and authentic spaces.


Ministry of Interior Works.

A small staff collaboratively share design inspiration and offer a wealth of interdisciplinary skills as Interior Design, Lighting Design, Furniture Design and Styling. All backed up by a strong administrative support team.


Where form meets function

imagination transforms into reality
& loops for eternity