Hex Shade | WOOOD

Hex Shade | WOOOD

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Our nature has dual character, so does the light. Particle or wave, maybe both! This shade present willingness to achieve balance between very subtle and in the same time really tough and durable piece. With only 1 mm wall thickness it looks fragile like a sheet of veneer. In other hand it's surprisingly strong due to it's structural pattern which gave also production advantages like avoiding any support material and usage of less material as possible. This wooden filament is blend of PLA and PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) an biodegradable polymer produced by bacterial fermentation of sugar or lipids + 30%  fine pinewood fibers. Amazing mixture of ingredients balances strength, elongation and transparency making it the ideal choice for light shades which appearance is fabulous and smell like a woodshop! We makes sure that the 3D printed details are very welcome in both our home and work environment and that they’re there to stay. For good.

Dimensions: d=15cm (6.29in), h=20cm (7.87in) of shade.
Two variations of shape ready for E27 & E14 socket.
Material: 70% woodFill - PLA/PHA +30% fine pinewood fibres
Additive manufacturing: 3d printed with hot nozzle

 designed by Volen Valentinov

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If you are maker or 3d printed guru is easy to Do It Yourself by having the 3d printed files provided.