Hex Shade | Pendant

Hex Shade | Pendant

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Two variations of 3d printed lamp shades - Open & Solid, ready for E27 socket. Concept emerges from having a simple hexagonal grid and basic shape of a lamp shade. Combining both into single product gives many variations trough different approach and modeling the shape. While designing this shades we have in mind the technology and way how the object is printed. Trying to avoid any support material and use as less material as possible 60-100g of material is used to build this structure. We believe by surrounding ourselves with fewer and better things we open space for more time, more emotions, more experiences, more empathy, more satisfaction. More freedom. We are strong supporters of mixing traditional and modern solutions every chance we get. That’s mainly because our channels are full of proof that balancing both worlds in a unique way, you can get astounding effects and become a game changer in your profession or business. Then, there’s also the fact that we like reshaping convention with 3D printed touches, especially when it comes to design. We makes sure that the 3D printed details are very welcome in both our home and work environment and that they’re there to stay. For good.

 designed by Volen Valentinov

Shade Variation:
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If you are maker or 3d printed guru is easy to Do It Yourself by having the 3d printed files provided.