Grey Clay

Let it shine urban apartment

Phase: Completed •  Year: 2017 •  Style: Minimal •  Area: 82 sq.m •  Client: Private •  Location: blvd. Vitosha  | Sofia, Bulgaria •  Interior Design: VOOOD •  Photography: Andrey Katanski

In dynamic urban life limited living space can be a problem – but as you know less does not mean least so with some imagination, elegant touch and immaculate style – amazing small home is possible. This small urban apartment  presents us with clear aesthetics, elegant monochrome solutions, and light ambiance. Featuring warm colors and materials palette, trendy furniture pieces and ingenious space distribution the apartment offers cozy and at the same time dynamic contemporary atmosphere. Entwining white structures with black accents, dark wood flooring with light wood furniture pieces, well-placed textile accents with modern clear lines the central living space is trendy and elegant. Intriguing furniture pieces become focal point accents – one is the movable kitchen island-bar construct that can serve as a dining table bringing functional style in the composition. The other attention worthy insertion is the trendy Nerd Chair by Muuto – with its beautiful bright lines and classic Scandinavian feel of the lacquered oak wood that is adding elegant touch into the modern design composition of this small apartment space. The designers had paid special attention to the lighting scheme of the premises introducing hidden lamps, form- underlining compositions that secure the excellent illumination of the apartment. 

Volen ValentinovGrey Clay