Kube | Wall light

Kube | Wall light


Just like a design that has yet to take shape on a blank page, the lighting elements of Kube Light take form and movement inside a thin layer of white aluminium.
Light plays the leading role, it is directed to the inside of small aluminium cubes, that give the illusion of being painted directly onto the ceiling or wall.
The beauty of this lamp is the fact that it can be used in different environments and is perfect to give depth and movement to the home, but at the same time its design makes it just as suitable for offices.

The Kube lamp brings together a series of distinctive versions of the same design.

The fundamental characteristic of the Kube lamp is its geometric form that creates a three dimensional effect through projecting shadows and light onto walls.

Kube wall light which is surface mounted makes it appropriate for public spaces as much as private applications which thanks to the great variety of models can be combined in endless configurations as if it were a mosaic of light.

The light source used for this lamp is LED and works off a single plug connection.

Design: Nikki Mihailov

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