Hex Shade | Copper

Hex Shade | Copper

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We have become light dependents and without it we would have long, sad and in-officious nights, but we have forgotten that it is a resource that we must pay for and we even misspend. It is more than just a lamp; it is a different way to light up our consciousness. Straight from the printer parts look almost laser sintered with a matte finish. With a bit of sanding and polishing the copper particles start to shine and shimmer unlike any 3d printing filament you have seen before. The weight of the material is something special, about 3 times heavier then our regular PLA/PHA.

Dimensions: d=15cm (6.29in), h=20cm (7.87in) of shade.
Two variations of shape ready for E27 & E14 socket.
Material: colorFabb copperFill - PLA/PHA + 30% fine copper powder
Additive manufacturing: 3d printed with hot nozzle

 designed by Volen Valentinov

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If you are maker or 3d printed guru is easy to Do It Yourself by having the 3d printed files provided.