DIY | Fruterra

DIY | Fruterra

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Flat pack fruit bowl

"Fruterra" which initially looks like a simple compact box with rounded edges, could be made either by 3d printer or CNC maschine, able to transform if needed into two stylish fruit containers. A structure composed of two superimposed parts, positive and negative, characterized by the lines that go through the surface, shapes inspired by the holes in the ground, by the conformation of the soil and by the natural sites present at the base of trees, where recline and are deposited ripe fruits ready to be picked and enjoyed.

The file contains .stl data of two pieces that assembles the product

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Quite challenging piece for every printer, 
we try and print 300X300mm version, 
make sure you have big one ;) 
You can produce it with CNC router as well by
cutting it out of wood!
Natural Oak