Aquamarine | Ring


Phase: Completed Project
Year: 2018

Style: Minimal
Area: 80 sq.m
Location: Ring Mall

Interior development of the store consists displays located on both sides of the entrance, compiled of floor modules and ceiling-mounted elements.
Commercial area - shelves and display points for exiting products along the walls, on the left, dressed with new cladding panels and mirrors, right-repeating the volume of the existing opposite pillars and marking the place for display of products and goods.
Shelves - made of  white matte boards  along the entire length of the room to maximize space utilization and clamped to the cladding panels by means of hidden fasteners. In the center of the room there is a module with a combined function (product exposure and their use) made up of separate elements at different heights, as well as a sofa for waiting and shoeing.
An illuminated panel separates the retail space from the office space. Working table with the equipment necessary for commercial activity: computer, cash register, etc. located adjacent to the advertising panel, and with it the central module completes the spatial composition. Sofita has been developed with attention to features that are an integral part of a retail space located in a large shopping complex. Ventilation openings, as well as air conditioning, are dully hidden behind wooden grids, which along with LED lighting panels form insulated ceiling compositions.

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing