B2N | Office

3d printing Warehouse

Phase: Completed •  Year: 2016 •  Style: Industrial •  Area: 80 sq.m •  Client: B2N •  Location: Kapana District  | Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Along with Archabits and B2N we collaborate to deliver this 3Dhappiness showroom, project of innovative place in Kapana Crative District in Plovdiv. Situated in the old building the showroom and office space both represents 3D printing technology. We were honest with the heritage from the place. In the interior we keep some of the old brick walls, in the same time the door handles, lamps and even hidden connections are produced from these 3D technologies. Visible connecting details, modular structures and lighting are inspired for the identity of the showroom 3dhappiness. We liked the concept of the name of the office of B2N - Your 3D Partner - "Ultimately all seek happiness" and we were happy to work on this project.