Zoya | Cosmetic Store

 Urban & Industrial beauty island

Phase: Completed Project
Year: 2016

Style: Industrial
Area: 55 sq.m
Client:  Zoya
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

When designing the space, VOOOD follows the customer's assignment with a requirement for maximum area to expose the products, while leaving room for a sense of efficacy, light and spaciousness. All elements of the furniture - product stands, exhibition - island table, crates, benches, mirror make-up, and small benches for special products are custom designed for this project. The furniture materials used are reduced to 2 combinations of solid wood, treated with natural oils and metal profiles with different profiles with water-based paint. The purpose of the oils and paints used is to achieve minimal carbon printing while enhancing the aromas of the proposed cosmetics. The lighting is two types - diffusely hidden in the ceiling and directly suspended over the profiles above the shelves themselves. The branding of the store is decided by printed wall claddings, containing parts of the graphics of the products themselves, which can be found in the abundance of offered items, as well as wooden panels with volumetric letters mounted on the facade and over the frames.


Volen Valentinov