Dragon | table, pendant & wall light

Product Design for lamp shades

We believe by surrounding ourselves with fewer and better things we open space for more time, more emotions, more experiences, more empathy, more satisfaction. More freedom.The introduction of order and priorities in life helps us to free that space. Just like a having a shell, we tend to be more comfortable in spaces that contain objects made of solid, unbreakable materials and structures. We express that hard, masculine side to ourselves in order to create that which is unfailing. The current era is one of space exploration and the creation of an immortal human race. We represent that by highlighting metal, cement and composite materials, which we know are virtually unbreakable. Lovely bunker or improved satellite, it’s as if we’re getting ready to face the world and all its grandeur, the unknown and all our fears, armed with protective and certainly unshakeable assets.Carbon fiber shell on a copper base.

Volen Valentinov